Eastern Passage Education Centre

Personal Tech Free at EPEC

Dear Parents/Guardians,
Effective Friday February 1st, EPEC will be going personal device tech free. This includes any
device (phone, ipod, gaming device, etc.) that can connect to the internet and/or access social

We have noticed an increase in student distraction from personal devices in classrooms, and
many of the conflicts that arise with students are communicated and exacerbated throughout
the day by means of personal devices. In addition, we will be visiting all classes to outline the
Intimate Images and Cyber-Protection Act, which can be found below for your information.
Please take some time to talk to your child about this legislation, to reinforce the risks of
inappropriate use of technology.


Intimate Images and Cyber-protection Act ( https://nslegislature.ca/legc/bills/63rd_1st/3rd_read/b027.htm )

Our public wifi will be turned off to support this initiative. Students who use laptops or
chromebooks to support their learning will not be impacted by this. At EPEC, we are lucky to
have a 1:2 ratio of chromebooks to students in our building, and will be purchasing additional
chromebooks with the funds from our fundraiser in February-March.

The expectation is that cell phones/devices will be kept in lockers when students arrive at
school until they leave to go home, and that they will not be seen or heard during the day, which
includes recess and lunch. If a student is using their phone through the day (ie: texting, on
social media, checking the time, using it as a calculator, etc.), they will be asked to deliver it to
the office. The phones will be locked up until the end of the day for first and second offences.
The third time, students will need a parent or guardian to come pick up their device.

We hope to see an increase in student engagement and achievement, and if you have any
questions or concerns, please give us a ring or email.

Thanks for your support,
Dorothy and Jamie