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Staff Directory

Phone Number 902-462-8401

Communication between home and school is extremely important. Calls and emails sent to staff members will be returned within two business days.


Name Role / Department Phone Email Online
Shea, Sarah Principal ext. 7161001 sshea@hrce.ca
Fourgnaud, Shawn Vice Principal ext. 7161001 sfourgnaud@hrce.ca
Dodge, Jennifer 100% School Counsellor ext. 7162034 jennifer.dodge@hrce.ca
Jordan, Tanya 20% Admin. Assistant ext. 7161000 tjordan@hrce.ca
Webber, Krista Administrative Assistant ext. 7161000 krista.webber@hrce.ca
White, Tracey 20% School Counsellor ext. 7162034 twhite@hrce.ca

Teaching Staff

Name Role / Department Phone Email Online
Banks, Matt Gr 7 & 8 Math ext. 7162065 Matthew.banks@hrce.ca
Boutilier, Rachel Grade 6 Math ext. 7162062 rachel.boutilier@hrce.ca
Bouvier, Nicole Jr High Intervention/ Gr 7 ELA ext. 7162034 lbouvier@hrce.ca
Burzese, Stephen Music/Band/HL ext. 7161061 sburzese@hrce.ca
Clahane, Julia 8 ELA/Social Studies ext. 7162061 Julia.clahane@hrce.ca
Clarke, Janine 30% Healthy Living janine.clarke@hrce.ca
Conner, Matthew Learning Centre ext. 7161079 Matthew.Connor@hrce.ca
Davison, Kelly Learning Centre ext. 7161079 klockerbie@hrce.ca
Dulhanty, Lori Gr 6-8 Physical Education ext. 7161011 ldulhanty@hrce.ca
Ferdinand, Molly Math Gr 7/8FI ext. 7162057 molly.ferdinand@hrce.ca
Fullerton, Steve Gr 7 FLA; Gr 7 Sante; Gr 7 Sciences Humaine; Core French 7 ext. 7162046 Steven.Fullerton@hrce.ca
Gallagher, Julia Core French ext. 7161072 julia.gallagher@hrce.ca
Gordon, Lauren Gr 7 & 8 ELA; Gr 8 Social Studies ext. 7162064 Lgordon@hrce.ca
Harnish, Mark Gr 6 ext. 7161075 mharnish@hrce.ca Website
Herbert, Nicole FI Math 7/Science 8 ext. 7162053 nicole.hebert@hrce.ca
Isenor, Rachael Grade 7 Sante/Sciences Humaines/Sciences ext. 7161086 rachael.isenor@hrce.ca
Kelley, Bennett Resource ext. 7162001 bkelley@hrce.ca
Kennedy, Tim Gr 7 & 8 Science; Gr 7 Math ext. 7162046 tkennedy@hrce.ca
L'Esperance, Kerri Grade 6 ext. 7161076 klesperance@hrce.ca
MacTavish, Ian Grade 7 ELA/SS/HL ext. 7162047 ian.mactavish@hrce.ca
Marchand, Trevor Gr 7-8 Visual Arts + Gr 8 Science ext. 7162024 Trevor.Marchand@hrce.ca Website
Mather, Pat Gr 6-8 Physical Education ext. 7161011 PMather@hrce.ca Website
McCarrol, Neil Gr 6 ext. 7161094 NMcCarrol@hrce.ca
Moriarty, Kelli Gr 6 ext. 7161095 kmoriarty@hrce.ca
Nourry, Daniel Resource / Learning Centre ext. 7161086 dnourry@hrce.ca
Osmond, Emily Grade 8 Sante / Resource ext. 7162002 EOsmond@hrce.ca Website
Owens, Kaitlin Gr 7 FLA & Healthy Living; Core French 7 ext. 7162055 Kaitlin.Owens@hrce.ca
Prest, Taylor Gr 6 Immersion ext. 7161091 Taylor.Prest@hrce.ca
Raine, Michelle Grade 6 ext. 7161073 michelle.raine@hrce.ca
Reynolds, Bethanne Grade 6 FI ext. 7161092 elizabeth.reynolds@hrce.ca
Saunders, Josh Gr 7-8 Tech Ed + Gr 8 Science ext. 7162033 SaundersJ@hrce.ca Website
Tremaine, Andrew Grade 8 Sci Humaines; Gr 7 ELA; Gr 8 FLA ext. 7162058 ATremaine@hrce.ca Website
Webber, Keri Gr 7 ELA; Gr 7 Social Studies ext. 7162049 keri.webber@hrce.ca
Williams, Mairi Gr 7 & 8 Family Studies; Gr 7 & 8 Healthy Living ext. 7161029 Mairi.Williams@hrce.ca

Support Staff

Name Role / Department Phone Email Online
Anderson, Tasha HRCE Social Worker Tasha.Anderson@hrce.ca
Beals, Jakara African Nova Scotia Student Support Jakara.Beals@hrce.ca
Bishop, Brenda Library Support Specialist ext. 7162021 Brenda.Bishop@hrce.ca Website
Blois-Keeping, Cara Educational Program Assistant ext. 7161079 Cara.Blois-Keeping@hrce.ca
Bower, Stacia Educational Program Assistant ext. 7161079 Stacia.Bower@hrce.ca
Clarke, Kira School Speech Language Pathologist (SLP) Kira.Clarke@hrce.ca
Dodge, Jennifer 100% School Counsellor 902-462-8401 Jennifer.Dodge@hrce.ca
Dominie, David Caretaker ddominie@hrce.ca
Hulan, Sandra Mi'kmaq/Aboriginal Student Support Worker ext. 7162034 Sandra.hulan@hrce.ca
Kennedy, Melanie Halifax Regional Arts Specialist mkennedy@hrce.ca
Mann, Sukhbir EPA ext. 7161079 sukhbir.mann@hrce.ca
McKenzie, Lynne Schools Plus Community Outreach Worker 902-225-0101 lmckenzie@hrce.ca
Morris, Sarah Schools Plus Lead 902-399-8321 sarah.morris@hrce.ca
Payne, Tina Educational Program Assistant ext. 7161079 tina.payne@hrce.ca
Pilon, Chris Educational Program Assistant ext. 7161079 cpilon@hrce.ca
Regan, Nora Educational Program Assistant ext. 7161079 nregan@hrce.ca
Sinclair, Al Math Support Teacher AlSinclair@hrce.ca
Thistle, Kayla Educational Program Assistant ext. 7161079 Kayla.Thistle@hrce.ca
Warner, Gloria Educational Program Assistant ext. 7161079 gwarner@hrce.ca
York, Eva Educational Program Assistant ext. 7161079 EYork@hrce.ca