Eastern Passage Education Centre - Home of the Phoenix!


Welcome to Eastern Passage, shooting location for the big Hollywood blockbuster Jaws 5!!! After a very long wait, Eastern Passage has been chosen the winner in the contest to find out who will host Hollywood’s finest. Directed by none other than Oscar winning director Steven Spielberg, and starring A-listers Ryan Reynolds and Margot Robbie, this opportunity is sure to put Eastern Passage on the map! I mean, everyone will want to visit, right??!! Think of what it will mean to the local economy with all of those film folks and tourists flocking to beautiful Eastern Passage.

The excitement is mounting and anticipation is high…

What could possibly go wrong?



Shows:  April 23, April 24, April 25

Time:  6:30 PM (Doors open at 6:00 PM)

Cost:  $15.00 (Tickets must be purchased through SchoolCash by April 18th)